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  • 14 October 2015

    Oil for the creative industry

    Our former employee Ilana Van de Boel, succesfully presented and published her thesis in September 2015 at the University of Antwerp. As an organisation, gitzwart contacted her with the question of how design firms and intermediairies in the design sector can develop their business. Researching for an answer to this question, Ilana opted for an exploratory research of intermediaries and their facilitating role in the design sector. The title of her research is: “Oil for the creative industry”. During this research she contacted different parties. Here we publish the main results thereof. For gitzwart, these results form an important framework to enhance our services for our customers to support them in their business and to position them in the value network.


    The business model of a design company consists of four main elements: core resources, core processes, value and profit. We use our knowledge to define the resources and processes of our customers and further develop their profit and value. The research defines the resources creating value of the designer as: the services of a designer or design studio, consulancy for brands, proper products in the market, working inhouse for a design firm, … these values are converted into different profit models based on fees, royalties, retail prices and / or salary. To realize this value our customers employ several means: location, team, network and portfolio. The service of gitzwart focuses on developing these resources to create more value. Ilana From Boel developed a theoretical and empirical framework to valorise this knowledge. You can reach out to her at ilana.vandeboel@gmail.com. Want to know more about this research and our methodology? Mail to info@gitzwart.com