gitzwart takes care of the administration and business development for industrial designer Sylvain Willenz

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Client: Sylvain Willenz Design Office
Period: 2013 – ongoing
Website: sylvainwillenz

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    Born in Brussels in 1978, Sylvain Willenz has lived consecutively in the US, Belgium and in the UK. Sylvain studied MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2003. In 2004, Sylvain opened his Design Office, based in Brussels. In 2009, leading press and institutions (The Vif / Knack WE Magazines, The Interieur Foundation, The Design Museum Gent and the Museum of Grand-Hornu Images) nominated Sylvain as Belgian Designer of the Year. Clients include Cappellini, Hay, Established & Sons and Menu amongst others.